The "Vrikshacharya" award celebrates trees that demonstrate outstanding contributions to their ecosystems and the environment at large. It aims to recognize and pay tribute to the remarkable services these distinguished trees provide. Following stringent criteria and protocols, the "Vrikshacharya" initiative aims to raise awareness about the crucial role exceptional trees play in promoting environmental health and sustainability. By honoring these trees, the program endeavors to inspire a shared dedication to protecting and nurturing our natural world.

Recognised "Virkshacharyas"...

VRIKSHACHARYA - Introduction:

It is widely acknowledged that every species on Earth engages in a continual process of learning, accumulating knowledge from each passing moment to shape their future decisions. Over time, this accumulation matures into wisdom, a reservoir of experience that enhances survivability and fosters growth across generations. While mobility serves as a key facilitator of communication among fauna, it is noteworthy that flora, despite their immobility, have evolved intricate systems for knowledge dissemination within their ecosystems. Among them, trees stand out for their remarkable longevity and the wealth of insights they amass over the course of their existence. Through specialized communication channels such as mycorrhizae and allelochemicals, trees efficiently share their knowledge of biotic and abiotic factors, contributing to the resilience of surrounding vegetation. Although the genetic information encoded within plant embryos provides a foundation for growth, it is limited by the mother plant's exposure and experiences. As saplings mature, they encounter unforeseen challenges that necessitate guidance beyond their inherent capabilities. 
Herein lies the significance of older trees, which, having weathered numerous trials, emerge as wise mentors within their ecosystems. Referred to as "Acharya" in Sanskrit, these masterful trees, or "Vrikshacharyas," epitomize wisdom and serve as invaluable sources of guidance for the flourishing of surrounding flora.
In recognition of these arboreal mentors, Infinite Green Solutions proudly introduces the "Vrikshacharya" program. This initiative seeks to honor exceptional trees that play pivotal roles in nurturing their ecosystems and fostering environmental well-being. By establishing standardized criteria and guidelines, "Vrikshacharya" aims to celebrate the contributions of these remarkable beings and inspire greater appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life forms.  
Register and nominate notable trees in your vicinity that could be considered for the esteemed "Vrikshacharya" recognition. Let us crown these remarkable trees and share their achievements as we work together towards a greener, more sustainable future.


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