GreenSpace Inventory

  • Detailed quantitative & qualitative data of your vegetation.
  • Geographic location specific data - Area Categorization - Parcel, Division & Sub-Divisional manner vegetation detail and their respective coverage.
  • Vegetation specific data - Trees, Palm Trees, Topiary, Hedges, Shrubs, Herbs, CLimbers, Ground Covers, Turf, Potted Plant and Vertical Garden manner.
  • Complete Enumeration - vegetation type, genus, species, family, common name, code, count, coverage area, DBH, height, foliage density, condition, location, irrigation, management and geo-coordinate data.
  • Data collection by trained technical team on patented inventory field sheets.
  • Detailed itemised and descriptive drawings.
900 x 600 inv

Green Space Valuation & Appraisal

  • Monetary value of your vegetation.
  • ISA (International Society for Arboriculture) & CTLA (Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers) method.
  • IGS patented growth habitat specific valuation system & methodology.
  • Respective appraisal regional supplements for all Agro-Climatic zones of India.
  • Complete site, parcel & divisional wise valuation report.

GreenSpace Health Assessment

  • Current health condition of your existing vegetation.
  • Observations on biotic (insect, bacteria, fungi, virus, nematodes etc..) & abiotic (light, temperature, moisture, nutrients and soil conditions) stressors.
  • Detailed location and vegetation wise recommendations with priority timelines.
  • Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) schedule for complete Green Space Area.
900 X 600 HEALTH
900 X 600 ABS

Arboricultural Services

  • Tree Ordinances & Tree Preservation Orders
  • Tree By-Laws, Policies
  • Standards & Specifications
  • Utility Conflict & Construction Management
  • Natural Calamity Emergency Plan
  • Urban Forestry
  • Miyawaki & Bio-Diversity Parks
  • Diagnosis & Treatment