About Us

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We are a strong believers of Climate Change, hence, actively working to make the Earth a better place for our children and their children by engaging with various entities and empowering them in multiple ways to work for the restoration of our planet thus helping them to become better stewards of the environment.

Infinite Green Solutions is an International standard green infrastructure organization established in 2017 by Asha Bandaru Ph.D and Mr. Ashok Mathireddy, one among two Indian ISA Certified Arborists® / Tree Surgeon (ML - 0426A), with 12 years of Green Industry experience in Australia and India.

Arborist Ashok is a Commercial Agriculture & Business Management Graduate from ANGRAU, Hyderabad, Masters from LaTrobe University, Australia and Arborist Certification from International Society for Arboriculture, U.S.A.

IGS comprises proficient Scientific, Technical divisions headed by Mr. Ashok Mathireddy and Administrative division by Dr. Asha Bandaru respectively.

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Our Pledge

On behalf of humankind, as a representative, We practice and promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices with the highest priority to preserve the environment and transfer it to the next generation in a sound condition.

What on earth are we doing...?

What kind of earth are we going to hand over to our further generations?

In the current scenario, our hard earnings, which we may pass on to our kids, might as well be used for oxygen purchases in the future if we do not rethink our perspective right now. We, the citizenry do not have the prerogative to play the blame game on organizations, governments, and policymakers; after all, they’ve been there for us to meet our consumerism and by us through our willingness. The populace should not be in a plight that larger entities might reframe environmental protection and sustainability. Instead, we as an individual entity should act upon the existent situation to structure our desired future. The world is changing rapidly and that’s not a secret but at what cost? None of us were prepared to gift an oxygen mask on our kid’s birthday. The germane vouchsafe is in our minds now. The choice we make, the action we take and the message we spread today upshots who we really are. Our future generations will never forget us for the decisions we make today, put it in our hands either to be lauded or maligned. We should never let our children fight for environmental justice by pushing them into sacrificed zones. They should not be the targets for the disproportion of our over-consumerism. Our persuasion should change that we have to protect the environment. Bitter truth is that the earth doesn’t need us, as a matter of fact, it’s the contrariwise. Earth is four and a half billion years old and our existence is just a blink of an eye. Earth has seen more than what we can imagine; comet impact, ice age, oceans rise and fall, severe catastrophes and still standing tall. Earth can take care of itself. It is we who decide whether to live on it or not. Our every small action today will undeniably have an impact tomorrow. Educate yourself, educate everyone, become environmentally literate, be environmentally conscious and take unprecedented action. It needs to start with you and now. Choose wisely. Congratulations, your decedent’s survival is in your hands right now. We are the last best hope of earth. – Team IGS